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Hi, my name is Immanuel Hazeleger. I’ve founded DutchQuest in 2011 together with my wife Irene. Our first film Sons Of God – For Such A Time As This premiered in Amsterdam in 2014. And has since been viewed by millions of people and translated into seventeen languages. My wife Irene and I had no idea how big this would get when we started out. Our journey began in 2009 when we moved to Africa to invest in the lives of orphans and widows, fully expecting to stay for several years. So it was quite a surprise when we received the directive to do something completely different. Making a film. Irene is a graphic designer and I’m a carpenter. We had no filmmaking experience or working budget, yet we knew better than to say no. We left the mission base to film and travel across the globe. And in between traveling we stayed at our friends attic and worked to save money. The journey was long and required lots of trust and perseverance. But it was all worth it!


Sons of God