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Sons of God is not just a film.
It’s a unique insight into a world where faith and love are no longer unattainable concepts – but actualized reality.
Inexplicable miracles. Lives radically transformed. Sons and daughters living lives abandoned to their God.

Dutch filmmaker Immanuel Hazeleger traveled the world to capture a story that inspires, brings hope and might even make God a bit more accessible.

Subtitles: English/ Dutch/ German

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  1. Danny Scholten

    (verified owner):

    I highly recommend this movie, that shows clearly the assignment that God has given every individual: to bring the gospel of the kingdom, not of a church. Manuel has done a great Job in showing that God’s love for people knows no end, and that no situation is without hope! But this world is in deperate need for people that are willing to surrender their life completely to Him, and subsequently radiate Jesus in all his facets to the people around them! Are you ready for the challenge? Start by watching this movie and be inspired what God can do through you when you dare to take a leap of faith.

  2. Raymond Kamstra

    (verified owner):

    –Life changing!–
    This movie is deeply touching and heart awakening,.
    With great passion it shows the message, that God’s love is so true, and unwavering towards us.. And that we are called to carry and reach out with His love to the world around us, to the hopeless, sick, dying and lonely people God so loves.

    –watching the stories, hearing the testimonies, and seeing what the power of God’s compassionate love does, to those lost, sick and dying ..awakened in me a fresh wonder, of what a beautiful Heavenly Father we all have.

    Reflecting on the movie on my way back home, God re-opened my eyes again..
    “Being called Sons of God, is not merely a title we received at salvation… But rather far more than that, it is a calling from God, crying out to us, to live and breathe His love to those around us
    ..to ‘be-come’ Sons of God..

  3. Jaco Schieving

    (verified owner):

    If you`re a Christian this is a must see, if you`re not a Christian this is a must see :)

  4. Hans Faas

    (verified owner):

    This movie will change your life!
    It also make you aware of His mighty work all over the world.

    A must see!!

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