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Product Description

Sons of God is not just a film.
It’s a unique insight into a world where faith and love are no longer unattainable concepts – but actualized reality. Inexplicable miracles. Lives radically transformed. Sons and daughters living lives abandoned to their God. Featuring Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, Mike Bickle and many more.

Dutch filmmaker Immanuel Hazeleger traveled the world to capture a story that inspires, brings hope and might even make God a bit more accessible.

Subtitles: English / Dutch / German/ French / Polish / Spanish / Arabic / Bulgarian
DVD: Region free / ntsc
Extra’s: Trailer, Worldpremier Amsterdam

More info

– Region-free (NTSC standard)
– Extra’s: Trailer, Premiere clip
– Spoken: English
– Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Arabic, Bulgarian
– Length: 83 minutes
– Release: 26 juni 2014
– Label: Dutchquest
– Director: Immanuel Hazeleger
– EAN: 8717953167927
– Costum number: 85234951
– Size: 19,2 x 13,6 x 1,4 cm
– Weight: 73 gram
– Quality: DVD Sony Replication

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