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Discover, Capture, Inspire

Discover, Capture, Inspire

Dutchquest is a small production company led by Immanuel Hazeleger. Our first film Sons of God is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.
Sons of God for free

Sons of God for free

You can watch Sons of God for free, because we believe everyone should have access to its powerful message. If Sons of God touches you and you want to contribute to the making of Sons of God II, please buy the dvd or make a generous donation.
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Host a screening

Take the opportunity to show Sons of God to a larger audience. Receive a free screening license which gives you the right to host a screening.

'Sons of God is not just a film'

It’s a unique insight into a world where faith and love are no longer unattainable concepts – but actualized reality. Inexplicable miracles. Lives radically transformed. Sons and daughters living lives abandoned to their God. Dutch filmmaker Immanuel Hazeleger traveled the world to capture a story that inspires, brings hope and might even make God a bit more accessible.


From the film Sons of God

  • How can we believe the right things and not see any fruit?
    Bill Johnson
  • He said: I don't believe in God. -That's okay, He believes in you.
    Graham Cooke
  • Love looks like something, it's not just jabbering.
    Heidi Baker
  • How can sharing the bible and sharing truth in love be a waste.
    Amy Lancaster
  • If you have Christ inside, nothing on the outside can take it away.
    Annalise van Rensburg
  • We are only a fraction of what we are called to be.
    Rick Joyner
  • Now you can walk too, in Jesus name.
    Kobus van Rensburg
  • God spoke to me about scriptures while I had never even read the bible.
    James Temme
  • We just don't stop, we want to bring lost children home to Papa Daddy God.
    Heidi Baker
  • Pretty tough to complain about the price you paid when what you had is worthless and what He gave you is priceless.
    Bill Johnson


What do people say about Sons of God, for such a time as this?

  • Thank you! I wish every Christian would watch this and realize the potential that Christ put in them.
    Renier Le Grange
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome! This seed which were sown will produce a never ending harvest!
    Vera Pawson
  • Just watch this amazing movie! It's so awesome to see what God does in people's life's today! I would recommend this movie highly to everyone.
    Ralph Terlouw